Pre-Used Straight Stairlifts


So what is the difference between a reconditioned stairlift and a second hand stairlift?

We thought it may be worth explaining the difference between a reconditioned stairlift and a second hand stairlift for you to appreciate what you are getting when you purchase a stairlift from a reputable company. If you buy a used stairlift privately, it will normally be sold as seen and may or may not have been serviced recently. The stairlift just changes hands and is therefore a second hand stairlift. This however is not what you should expect when you buy a stairlift from a private stairlift company.

In the first instance the stairlift should be serviced and the batteries replaced. If during the service any problems are identified then they should be rectified. This may include but is not limited to; changing the brushes in the motor, replacing worn rollers, replacing any broken parts as well as dealing with any other issues detected while servicing.

Following servicing and repair, the stairlift should be sanitised and then cleaned to the highest possible standard and any outstanding cosmetic issues should be dealt with. At the end of the process the stairlift should be in good working order, serviced to the manufacturer’s specification and looking as close to new as is possible for a used stairlift.

In reality, this process would probably be more appropriately referred to as stairlift refurbishment rather than stairlift reconditioning but it seems that the mobility industry has chosen to use this term, which is probably more suited to something you would do to a car engine as opposed to the process of bringing a second hand stairlift back to a “as new” condition.

**For your information we also offer a “supply only” option. This is the equivalent of buying a used stairlift from Ebay but with full support from an experienced dealer to ensure you have the correct stairlift for your home. The used stairlift comes with a comprehensive 3 month warranty which covers all problems (excluding user error}. We provide an installation manual and we will cut the rail to the required length for you. The stairlift must be installed by a competent electrical/mechanical engineer.

Please note: we do not recommend this option be undertaken by anyone without the relevant experience in the industry and we also strongly recommend the user is assessed for suitability to use a stairlift. This option is offered by some of our competitors and also Ebay sellers so it is solely given as an option not a recommendation. We give more information on this matter in the paragraphs below.

Here are some of the reasons you should buy your reconditioned stairlift from a reputable company

The stairlift would have been serviced and refurbished before being sold
The stairlift will come with a 12 month comprehensive warranty
The stairway will be surveyed for the correct type of stairlift
The user will be assessed so that a suitable stairlift is chosen for comfort, posture and safety
The company will have proper insurance cover in place and it’s employees will have been DBS checked
The company should be financially stable


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